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Are you interested in getting involved in some hands-on free workshops in programming or data analytics? Maybe you've dipped a toe into the tech scene and are now ready to take the full plunge.Aimed at absolute beginners, the workshops' objective is to develop your skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress, SEO, and Data Analytics. Hosted by our lead mentors, who are all highly passionate about code and data analytics, it's the perfect place to begin your tech journey.

Ubiqum Code Academy offers highly immersive training programs in data analytics and web development that enable absolute beginners to kick-start their career in IT and technology. The company focuses on two main profiles: Full Stack Java Developer & Data Analyst and uses the "Learn by Doing" methodology created by learning sciences expert, Roger Schank Ph.D. This highly practical methodology allows for deep, long-lasting learning and creates confident, motivated, autonomous professionals.

If you are interested in the course and want to find out more visit our website at

www.ubiqum.com (http://www.ubiqum.com/)

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