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This is a group for anyone interested in knowing more about the traditions of Indian and ancient Javanese-Balinese Yoga system, especially from a historical and philosophical point of view. There will be no practice involved, but an exposition of the intellectual and historical dimension of ancient Yoga traditions. This is something for anyone interested in discovering the (alas, often overlooked) historical roots and philosophical aspects of Yoga in India and its instantiations in premodern Java and Bali, especially in the light of Sanskrit and Old Javanese traditional texts. "Yoga" meant different things at different times and in different geographical/cultural contexts—for instance, "yoga" in Patanjali's Yogasutra does not mean "union", but just its opposite, namely a process of absorption leading to the "isolation" of the Soul, while for the Shaivas it meant union with God! Furthermore, very few people are aware of the rich and ancient tradition of Javanese and Balinese Yoga. This is a rare opportunity to be introduced to the topic by a leading academic of Javanese and Balinese Hinduism, Tantric Traditions, and Yoga, who combines a rigorous scholarly perspective with an empathy for spiritual practice.

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