Introduction to Open Source


Introduction to Open Source is a casual conference/workshop about Open Source software philosophy, where we will learn and explore how Open Source has changed the world we live in.

What do people mean when they use the term Open Source when referring to software? This workshop will cover that question as well as what the GPL software license provides, why WordPress is an open-source project, and how this is important for both the users of WordPress and the contributors to WordPress.

It will not just be about WordPress but also how other Open Source software, like Linux, Apache, Python, and more have impacted our lives.

This event is free and open for who want to participate. Please RSVP Yes or No to this Meetup if you are going to attend so we know how many people are coming to the event.

Change in plans? If you later change your plans then please RSVP back to No so others could take your spot.

This event is an initiative by WordPress Foundation to spread more knowledge about Open Source philosophy.

The event is organized by Udaipur WordPress community.