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Parenting is hard. Step parenting can be even harder. We might be a good place to listen to your struggles, but the goal is to get away from it once in a while and just be you with a group of people that "get" what you're going through.

What's our purpose? Step-parenting: you've got all of the struggles of parenting, all of the challenges of fostering--but frequently, none of the visibility or acknowledgement that goes along with either. Being successful requires hard work, self-focus, and above all, a community where it's okay to vent sometimes even as you remember to take the time to focus entirely on yourself once in a while.

Who should join? Step parents, soon to be step parents, long term significant others of loved ones with kids.

What will we do at events? Pick your poison, this journey is a long one! Make some glitter jars, drink some wine and eat some cheese, watch a marathon of bad action movies, gush about your excitement over your own kids doing something that's uninteresting to relatives because they're the youngest not the oldest, discuss the best Pokemon game, pick some books, take a walk at the zoo, I don't know. Throw in some lame icebreakers and we've got a party.

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Happy hour at Cheshire (Solera)

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