• Celebrating 100 IT Ukrainians in the Bay Area

    Silicon Valley Pad

    Congrats, guys! We've just hit the first 100 members. Looks like it's time to put a face to a name and meet each other. How does the next week look to you? Let's get together and you will have 1 minute to present yourself to the attendees. After presentations are complete there will be time socialize. Looking forward to seeing you! PS. Some elements of the Ukrainian dress-code is a nice-to-have.

  • U.T.GEM Conference: 17-18 September, San Francisco

    Hyatt Regency

    18 September 2014, San Francisco: first global platform for technology services and product companies, startup & VC community of Ukraine and the US. U.T.Gem (http://utgem.co/) is a vibrant international technology conference where US business giants and tech luminaries come to meet their Ukraine’s peers. With a full days of dynamic keynotes, investor opportunities, company expos & pitches, cutting-edge tech solutions built in Ukraine, U.T.Gem is a must-attend event this fall. GOAL | to promote the image of Ukraine as a country with fast growing technology businesses in the IT industry supported at a strategic level by the new Ukrainian government and President Poroshenko Registration via link (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/utgem-technology-and-innovations-tickets-12222494811?aff=eba). Details about the conference: utgem.co (http://t.signauxsix.com/link?url=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F1nHjpTj&ukey=agxzfnNpZ25hbHNjcnhyGAsSC1VzZXJQcm9maWxlGICAgK6GusMKDA&k=df7a3634-c4cc-4c2b-b499-c915e7bf0057) OBJECTIVES 1| Showcase the dynamics and development of technological businesses in Ukraine 2| Demonstrate and prove opportunities in Ukraine, as Europe's largest centre with professionally trained highly skilled engineers, programmers and designers. EXPECTED NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS | 1000 participants from Ukraine and the USA. FORMAT | 1 day conference, dedicated to the development of IT business, R&D and innovation, which will bring together participants from the IT market in Ukraine and the United States to share experiences and discuss areas of development. ORGANIZATOR | European Business Association (http://www.eba.com.ua/en) Happy Farm (http://happyfarm.com.ua/) EPAM Systems US UBC SUPPORTED BY | the Government of Ukraine and the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco. PARTICIPANTS | - IT technology services and product companies - startups - venture capitalists, business angels - incubators and accelerators - universities - top managers, IT entrepreneurs - journalists and bloggers SPEAKERS AND GUESTS | "stars" and start-ups of the IT industry in the United States & Ukraine, key players in the IT sector, founders of successful start-ups, investors.

  • Rally in support of Ukraine

    Embarcadero Justin Herman Plaza

    https://www.facebook.com/events/256318164529702 Support Ukraine and its sovereign territory! Crimea is Ukraine! Ukrainian people (East, West , South of Ukraine) are united, regardless if your first language Russian or Ukrainian. We all have close ties with Russia, but Ukraine is our motherland and we stand for its sovereign territory, and against Russian occupation. I have nothing against Russian people, I have many Russian friends. But the actions of the government of Russian Federation to bring their army onto Ukrainian soil are not acceptable. It will only provoke civil war. Let's spread the awareness about the situation and support Ukraine!

  • Support Ukraine by the San Francisco City Hall

    San Francisco City Hall

    Stop Bloodshed in Ukraine! Join the Demonstration this Saturday afternoon by the San Francisco City Hall. Support Ukraine! www.maydansf.com (http://www.maydansf.com/) Where: San Francisco CITY HALL: Van Ness Avenue between Polk St and McAllister ST. Full address (for GPS): 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102 Start at 1PM. Why: Our Demonstration is a reaction to the events that took place in Ukraine today, February 18: http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/18/world/europe/ukraine-protests/ We demand that United States takes an official stance on the events in Ukraine to: - stop brutality and re-establish peace in Ukraine - enact personal sanctions on Yanukovich - protect Ukraine from a possible intervention from Russia - give financial credit to Ukraine to help maintain its independence from Russia The events in Ukraine have reached their peak with the armed police and tanks brutally 'clearing up' the locations with protester camps, killing protesters, burning their tents and handmade barricades. It is time for the US to take a stance on these events. Ukraine needs help ASAP. You can help - come join the demonstration or support financially: we are collecting money for Euromaidan needs - donate via Paypal to [masked]. More details on http://www.maydansf.com/ @MaydanSF

  • EuroMaidan San Francisco

    Consulate General of Ukraine

  • World flash mob on Twitter: to @BarackObama #WhyAreYouSilent?

    Today, January 22, 2014 at 17:00 GMT+2 (10 a.m EST, 7 a.m PST) we are going to ask President Obama on Twitter To @BarackObama, Mafia kills people in #Ukraine, #WhyAreYouSilent? @AP @ReutersWorld @bbc http://tinypic.com/r/snf0h3/5 https://www.facebook.com/events/204955919710231/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming January 22, 2014 Kyiv, Ukraine The weather is minus 10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit). Two protesters were killed by police during last 24 hours. At this moment the civil war is about to start in Ukraine. For more than two months, millions of Ukrainians all around the world have been turning out to protest President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to scuttle a trade agreement with the European Union in favor of closer ties with Russia. As usual, Vladimir Putin helped that decision along with threats about what might happen if Ukraine opted for the EU. At stake is far more than trade. At stake is whether Ukrainians can take their rightful place in the Western world. In this struggle, the silence from the president Barak Obama has been deafening. Yes, Secretary of State John Kerry expressed “disgust” with the government’s use of force after promising it would allow peaceful protest. And Kerry’s deputy, Victoria Nuland, who is in Kiev, has also condemned the anti-protester violence. But there are moments when the world needs to hear from the president of the United States. This is one of them. No one’s calling for President Obama to declare war on Russia. But when it comes to a battle between a foreign tyrant and a people fighting for their free future, the president needs to let the Ukrainians — and the world — know America is not ­neutral.

  • Euromaidan San Francisco, Sun Dec 8, 2:00 p.m

    Needs a location


  • Support Euromaidan!

    Needs a location

    Hi Guys! I suggest you to support Euromaidan today. Choose the place and get together. I am joining my friend in Kyiv today and we will feel your support! Vsi na Maidan! Julia

  • Visit USS Pampanito and San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

    Lyubomyr and Andrew are going to see fleet submarine museum and walk around National Historic Landmark in Fisherman's Wharf. http://www.maritime.org/hours.htm You are welcomed to join us ! We bought 2 tickets for $10 at Amazon Local https://local.amazon.com/san-francisco/B00G2QLXOI Perhaps after the museum we might have small picnic in the park.

  • support our team in France - Ukraine battle

    Zeke's Diamond Bar

    2nd match of Ukraine vs France battle to qualify for World Cup 2014. Who will go to Brazil? Let's get together and support our national team!