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Ultimate Agent Mastermind is a FREE monthly gathering exclusively for like minded Real Estate Agents who want to learn and implement the most advanced lead generation strategies, enhance their personal development, and discover a new world of passive income opportunities. Ultimate Agent Mastermind is where you'll finally discover how to work smarter, NOT harder, so you can spend YOUR time doing the things you enjoy most in life.

Question for you: What will happen to a woodsman who treks into the forest everyday to chop down trees with a dull axe he never sharpens?

Over time, each tree will take way longer to cut, he will have to expend more energy for a poorer result, and eventually he will become tired, burned out, and most likely quit...unless he learns to work smarter NOT harder by sharpening his axe!

Now...imagine how much more effective that same woodsman would be with a chainsaw instead of an axe?

And imagine how his efforts would multiply with an apprentice he trained to also use a chainsaw? I could go on and on but you get the picture.

Most real estate agents operate their businesses like the woodsman with the dull axe. They head into the forest prospecting day in and day out while hoping for a better result! And that’s exactly why I started the Ultimate Agent Mastermind...

A place to "SHARPEN YOUR AXE" each month with the most advanced marketing strategies, Business growth tips, and personal development techniques.

The Ultimate Agent Mastermind Is For You If:

• You need that one breakthrough idea each month that will unlock your full potential and propel your business to the next level

• You want to gain a competitive advantage in your local marketplace

• You want to eliminate the need for cold prospecting and constantly begging people in your sphere for buyer and seller leads

• You want to find the "hidden" profit centers within your business that could easily add $2,000-$3,000 of extra income each month without adding a ton of time to your already busy workday.

• You want to work smarter not harder, build a team, and move "proven" systems into your business that will free you from the daily grind of $10 an hour tasks

• You want to build a predictable, reliable MARKETING MACHINE for attracting a flood of your ideal buyer & seller clients so you can once and for all end the uncertainty about where the next commission check is coming from

• You want to increase streams of passive income so you can make MORE money, work FEWER hours, and finally live the financially independent lifestyle you dreamed of when you first go started in real estate

• You want to create offers your prospects can't refuse so they choose you over your competitors

• You want past clients sending you MORE referrals MORE frequently

• You’re tired of the constant interruptions, working on vacation, and missing important life events to service unappreciative clients.

• You want to gain control of your time, schedule, and business so you can start living life on YOUR terms!

Dear Fellow Realtor,

My name is Bill Kratz, Philadelphia area native and Managing Broker/Owner of HomeSmart Realty Advisors, Founder of the Ultimate Agent Mastermind, and Certified Magnetic Marketing Advisor for GKIC International.

Although I feel I have a long way to go, I'm about to reveal one of my biggest success secrets to date...One that has enabled me to sell 65 houses as a Realtor in 2016, purchase & renovate over 18 rental properties in less than 3 years, and somehow managed to live life on MY TERMS having traveled recently to Jamaica, Mexico, Denver, New Orleans, and a few other local cities!

Napoleon Hill, Author of the groundbreaking book, "Think And Grow Rich” said:

"Deliberately Seek The Company Of People Who Influence You To Think And Act On Building The Life You Deserve."

The success secret I'm referring to is being part of a mastermind group and the above quote sums up why you should join the Ultimate Agent Mastermind.

If you're ready to exit the comfort zone, rip off the ball and chain holding you back, break all barriers, remove all obstacles, and dropkick any orange cone in the way of living life on YOUR TERMS, then sign up immediately to be notified of our next event.

Here’s 7 Powerful Reasons You Should Join Immediately...

1. The Ultimate Agent Mastermind Monthly Workshops are FREE!

2. UAM has multiple meetup locations between Philly, King of Prussia, and Exton

3. The workshop is run by ME not some real estate “guru” or “coach” from another state trying to make a fast buck with recycled information. I’m a local Philly area native who is in the trenches everyday just like you.

4. UAM is 100% jam packed with powerful content and is not a pitch fest of any kind.

5. UAM is a workshop, NOT another networking event or card exchange although, seriously profitable relationships are a common side effect of mastermind groups

6. ALL agents from ALL companies are welcome. There is a NO judgment here.

7. All experience levels will benefit. If you’re a newbie, you’ll shave years off the learning curve and if you’re a grizzled veteran, even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Join for FREE and I’ll notify you of our next event, the topic, and meeting locations.

LIMITED TIME GIFT: Free Toolkit With Over $1,500 Of Powerful Marketing And Business Growth Tools... WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!


JOIN THIS MEETUP RIGHT NOW to claim an incredible free gift called the “Lifestyle Liberation Toolkit!” It's my gift to you for taking action and joining UAM. I only have a few of these laying around so act fast!

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