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Come join the fun and let's play some Ultimate Frisbee

with a great group of fun, friendly, and truly outgoing people :)



(Moreland Hills, Ohio)

Chagrin River Rd and State Route 87 South Chagrin Reservation, Chagrin Falls, OH, 44022 , Moreland Hills, OH

or(thanks Becca for the added info)

41198 South Woodland Road, Moreland Hills, OH.

When: Thursday 5/9/13 @ 6:30 pm.

We toss around for about 15 minutes and start playing at around 6:45pm. If you come a little late no biggie. We will put you on a team after the next point is scored.

When pulling in look for this sign

Where to meet: Main parking lot. Right when you pull in you will see a HUGE field. That is where we are meeting. There will also be BIG MARKERS set up If you have trouble finding it give me a Holla (C) 216-702-1613

Will bring all the equipment needed to play the game. If you have equipment that you might think is useful please feel free to bring it(ie:cones). We can always use more cones. Also bring some of your own flying saucers of your own so we can toss around before we start the game.

If you think you can make it rsvp. If you can't no big deal. No worries. I'm not worrying about it.

Time: 6:30-8:30pmish(Quick meet & Greet) And toss Frisbees around for about 15 minutes before we get started. For teams we # off. We will play games to be a predetermined amount of points its usually about 10. The games go by quickly. We can usually get a couple of games in. So if you want to sit out a game to hydrate or rest thats perfectly okay.We have enough people to alternate.

Beginners are VERY welcomed & Encouraged. I say this because the first meetup I had doing this last year it was the first time I ever played. Everyone has gotta stop somewhere. And I think at every meetup we have had newbies.

Plus the game is not hard to catch on to what-so-ever(On the "about page" I have put some information up on how to play & a video etc.)Rules will be *very shortly* explained at the meetup. If need be. Or you can ask me individually(People seem to catch on VERY quickly)Remember even though we are playing a game. Don't take it too seriously. Its just about socializing and just havin' fun!!!No one is JUDGING.


Dress for the weather -Cleats/Running Shoes/Some people play barefoot. Just be careful about people stepping on your feet.

-Stay Hydrated-Water/Power Drinks. I will bring Gatorade but it would be a good idea to bring your own stuff too.

See ya on Thursday 5/9/13.

If you have any questions *FEEL FREE* to email me.



"When you're a kid growing up, and you think you're gay, you know that you're different; you're often teased and it can really destroy your self-esteem. But sports can be great for building self-esteem.

-Greg louganis