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Let's meet up and read/discuss Episode 1 of Ulysses
I have the Gabler edition of the novel on my shelf, so that's my edition of choice. If others prefer another edition, that's fine too. At a first meeting, we could decide how we'd like to proceed.

Needs a location

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    I read James Joyce's Ulysses some 15 years ago and remember finding the book alternately hilarious and puzzling. I'd like to read the book again, but thought it would be fun to do so in company. This is a group for people who might enjoy reading Ulysses episode by episode, discussing the language, symbolism, historical and religious references, structure of the novel, etc., over a glass of wine or a beer. (I'm also interested in a reading group for Finnegans Wake, should there be interest, but perhaps one large challenging modernist novel at a time is the best approach!)

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