What we're about

En grupp för alla som är intresserade av java, systemutveckling, arkitektur och angränsande ämnen. Vi träffas andra tisdagen kl 18.00 varje månad. Den här gruppen:

• handlar om nätverkande framför sälj och rekrytering

• präglas av individer framför företag

• handlar om kunskapsutbyte framför envägsinlärning.

Vi har varit aktiva i Umeå sedan december 2009. På vår blogg (http://umejug.blogspot.se/) kan man se några av alla de event som vi har arrangerat genom åren. Några av höjdpunkterna har varit:

• Lego Hack Night, 2013-04-09 (http://umejug.blogspot.se/2013/04/lego-hack-night.html)

• Arkitekturkator, 2013-11-12

• Akka 101 & Akka - lessons learned, Daniel Degun och Daniel Sawano, 2013-12-10

• Lambda Expressions in Java (http://umejug.blogspot.se/2014/02/lyckad-traff-med-venkat.html), Venkat Subramaniam, 2014-02-02

• Google Glass, Eva Mårell-Olsson och Markus Backman 2014-03-11

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Micro Frontends and Akka Streams

Needs a location

Two diverse talks hosted by Sartorius.

Come at 17.30 for food, talks start at 18.00.

Micro Frontends
Technical overview on independent deliverable frontend applications composed into a greater whole.

Akka streams for Scala (and Java) - Jan Eriksson
At Sartorius we work with an event based micro service architecture where Scala and Akka are commonly used in our backend services. Most communication between our services are asynchronous via Kafka messages. Our requirements are strict about data consistence and reproducibility so we have to keep track of the events we emit and when consumed messages are committed for example.

In this talk I will give a brief overview of Akka and Akka Streaming, specifically how they can be used to process Kafka messages in a simple, controlled and “type safe" way. The examples will be in Scala but the concepts are directly applicable in Java as well. We will also go through some core Scala features and constructs that are needed to follow the examples.

“Akka is a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications for Java and Scala” - https://akka.io

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Golang Workshop med Linus och Anders

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