What we're about

Divorce, or just surfacing from one, is a modern rite of passage. Midwifing your divorce story can reframe how your feel about yourself and your future. Sharing Rites with others provides the immediacy to efficiently heal and increase your rate of recovery. It is our hope to launch your next vision you have of yourself. This curriculum is for women, I am in the process of story boarding a Men's group.

Designed around the love story of Psyche and Eros to work our personal dance between longing and belonging as we transition out of marriage into freedom.

Like a book club only better, to find your sisters, your voice, and your courage to take life to the next step.

Meeting format

-- I will forward the first story

--You do your own private prescribed ritual at home

-- We share with our group our experience

-- break

-- read next story

-- Group ritual

Meeting Topics

Forwarded Story Group Ritual

Meet up 1 What we are up against Projections

2 Overcome Muddled thinking Engagement with Rage

3 Exhibiting Power Paying the Ferryman

4 Aphrodite's Whip The deal and the Marriage Seal

5 The View from Mt. Olympus Holding Your Own Court


1) Keep confidentiality

2) Speak only from Personal Experience

3) Don't publicize

4) Respect each other and Respect each other's time.

5) Feel free to pass your turn.

6) Don't pass judgement

7) Don't interrrupt others.


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