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Divorce, or just surfacing from one, is a modern rite of passage. We will be exploring roles we had to come to be to get through the process and then to consider who it is we want to become once the veil is lifted. Women and Men Have separate meetings!
UnBride Me Now gathers peers overcoming divorce (POD's) to initiate play dates with your psyche to liberate your mind for bigger and better things. This is a question and answer time to delve into the nature of this quest. This is a step by step exploration using rituals for shifting thought ruts and making room for creativity for our future pursuits.
This is a proof of concept opportunity to make this program as divorced women need it to be to lead them to their Unbridling ceremony. We have opened up a story Board process for men to help develop their own curriculum. Three days of ritual space will be created to pick up the shovel and really get the job done to then awaken with forward thinking eyes.

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