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You don't quite fit in, and you do not mind - because that is who you are. Perhaps you have figured that you're fundamentally incompatible with a 9-5 work routine, perhaps you decided that you will never start a family, or perhaps what gives purpose to your life requires you to change countries every couple of years. Either way, and however it comes about, you do not want an ordinary life.

This is a group for people who stray away from the path of least resistance to connect and share ideas, experiences, stories of hurdles and of successes. A group for people to explore being merrily anti-conformistic and boldly at odds with an unreflective world.

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Odd Lockdowns

Paludan Bog & Café

A New Year

Galathea Kroen

Unconventional Relationships

Kayak Bar

Weird Careers

Paludan Bog & Café

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