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Do you want to go out and do things with your dog, but can't because your dog is too aggressive, too shy, too noisy, too old, too young, too whatever to bring with? Do you love dogs and want to hang out with other dog-people while walking or hiking or hanging out at coffee shops or breweries? If
so, this may be the group for you!

This groups is designed for people who got a dog in order to go out and do dog-people activities, but for whatever reason, the dog they got makes that neigh impossible.

General rules:
- Do not being your dog (except ADA service dogs, of course!) Yes, we love dogs. But these meetups are for the people, not the pups.
- Expect a decent amount of dog-related talk, although we can clearly venture to other topics as they occur.
- This is more of a support group rather than a training group. Limit unsolicited advice as much as possible.

Upcoming events (1)

Short walk / dog toy swap

Playground By The Sound (North Slope on upper walkway of Chambers Bay)

Let's meet at the upper level playground at Chamber's Bay! We can hang out there for the first 30 minutes, then walk the upper level if folks are so inclined. I'll post in the comments what I'm wearing so folks can find me :) If you want to swap dog puzzle toys because youre dog is bored with the one you have, feel free to bring it. I can certainly swap if no one else can :)

Past events (1)

1st Meeting

Wapato Park

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