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Unallocated Space (UAS) is an active hackerspace location in Anne Arundel County (Severn, MD) that supports the DC / Baltimore Metro Area. As an open technology-based community lab, we invite you to share your creativity!

Our mission is to foster our community to "Teach, Learn, Build”. Our 1600+ sq.ft. space is minutes from BWI, between Baltimore and Washington DC. Equipped with a wide range of tools, UAS welcomes DIY tech enthusiasts of all skill levels and interests. Our space enables everyday people to share ideas and work on group and individual projects. Our facility has resources that support electronics (soldering, circuits), fabrication (wood, plastics, metal), and is fully wired/wireless network with a VM lab for network experiments. Our classroom can handle 30+ students and hosts courses in electrics, web development, programming and computer networking.

Our members offer a steady stream of free and public events, classes, activities, and anything that gets people building, making, and learning. We serve the community on 100%%donated funds as a non-profit organization. For more information, visit unallocatedspace.org for upcoming events or contact

info {at} unallocatedspace {dot} org

Any groups looking to organize a public event at Unallocated, please contact:

events {at} unallocatedspace {dot} org

FYI nearly every event posted has had 10+ people regardless of the number of people meetup lists.

Upcoming events (5+)

Lockpicking 102 - Toool

Needs a location

Purpose Cover topics that are omitted on the introductory lockpicking night. Everyone attending is encouraged to bring equipment, locks, or talking points if you want to present on something. Format I'll have a primer on security pins and intermediate locksport prepared but would like to focus on more advanced topics such as • Alternative lock mechanisms (sesame, rotating disc, dimple, lever, sidebar wafer) • Impressioning • Lock Foreniscs • Bitting decoding • Master Keyed systems • Bypass techniques • Safes • Hardware hacking w/ electronic locks We'll probably sit around picking whatever locks we've got, while covering the presentation. Equipment If you have lockpicks or locks you’re encouraged to bring them. We do sell introductory kits and have a set of beginner locks and picks anyone can use. Instructor Note Hey I’m Flay. I’ve been lockpicking for years and was the 2 time winner of the GrrCon ‘Cage of shame’ lockpicking challenge. I think its great fun, and I’m excited to be able to encourage others in the hobby. Its my goal to ensure that everyone who comes to the meetup walks away having picked at least one lock and that all the veterans learn something from each other. If you're interested in your relevant state laws regarding lock picks please use: http://toool.us/laws.html If you're interested in joining tool: https://members.toool.us/join/

Unallocated Space Open House

Unallocated Space

We hold a weekly open house on Wednesday Evenings. Please come by and check us out.

Amateur Radio Night

Unallocated Space

Got an interest in Electronics? Radio? or just being able to make contact with someone on the other side of the earth without the use of a paid network? Then Ham Radio Night is for you!

Space Cleanup Day

Unallocated Space

It's that time once again to roll up our sleeves and give the space some TLC. Here's the deal: We'll be hitting the following things: • Wiping down tables. • Cleaning floors. • Cleaning fridge/microwave. • Cleaning bathrooms. • Tidying work areas and storage area. • Moving things to the outpile as appropriate. Please try to drop by with a helping hand. We could really use your help in organizing, cleaning, clearing, and making the space better for your future visits.

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