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Unallocated Space (UAS) is an active hackerspace location in Anne Arundel County (Severn, MD) that supports the DC / Baltimore Metro Area. As an open technology-based community lab, we invite you to share your creativity!

Our mission is to foster our community to "Teach, Learn, Build”. Our 1600+ sq.ft. space is minutes from BWI, between Baltimore and Washington DC. Equipped with a wide range of tools, UAS welcomes DIY tech enthusiasts of all skill levels and interests. Our space enables everyday people to share ideas and work on group and individual projects. Our facility has resources that support electronics (soldering, circuits), fabrication (wood, plastics, metal), and is fully wired/wireless network with a VM lab for network experiments. Our classroom can handle 30+ students and hosts courses in electrics, web development, programming and computer networking.

Our members offer a steady stream of free and public events, classes, activities, and anything that gets people building, making, and learning. We serve the community on 100%%donated funds as a non-profit organization. For more information, visit unallocatedspace.org for upcoming events or contact

info {at} unallocatedspace {dot} org

Any groups looking to organize a public event at Unallocated, please contact:

events {at} unallocatedspace {dot} org

FYI nearly every event posted has had 10+ people regardless of the number of people meetup lists.

Upcoming events (5+)

Project Night

Unallocated Space

Monday evenings, we will be open for Project Night - a night to work on, collaborate on, or brainstorm on whatever projects you're currently working on or interested in. Don't have a project? Come see what others are working on and get involved or get ideas. If you have an concept for a group project, bring your ideas and seek out others to join you. Project Night is a great opportunity to make progress on your projects as a regularly scheduled event. Anyone is welcome to work on projects any time the space is open, but a dedicated night--just for this--is really fantastic. Teach, Learn, Build.

Stanford Crypto 1 Study Group

Unallocated Space

SUMMARY: Do you like solving ciphers but want to grow beyond rot13 puzzles? Are you interested in steamy romances involving Alice, Bob, and Eve? Do you want to learn how to crack one time pads? Do you want to know how you're using SSL wrong? Or maybe you're doing SSL right, but you keep hearing about this BEAST attack and want to understand it on a cryptologist's level? Did you ever want to take the Stanford Online Crypto Course but feared the math? Then the Stanford Crypto 1 Study Group is the event of the year for you! Together we will conquer the math and mystery of Crypto. Break down nerdy concepts into everyday concepts. The Stanford Crypto 1 course is an online course provided by Coursera. The course begins with a detailed discussion of how two parties who have a shared secret key can communicate securely when a powerful adversary eavesdrops and tampers with traffic. The second half of the course discusses public-key techniques that let two parties generate a shared secret key. Throughout the course participants will be exposed to many exciting open problems in the field and work on fun programming projects. https://www.coursera.org/learn/crypto The study sessions is for people to point out areas of the material that they didnt understand, and for everyone else to come up with the best way to explain it. PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SAY YOU DON'T KNOW SOMETHING. This is crypto, we know its difficult, that's why we find it alluring. Together we'll be able to help each other. No judging, No shame. #ELI5 Python is language of choice, but we'll try to accommodate others as best as possible TL;DR: If you take this class, you will be able to complete CTF Crypto challenges! GOAL: Complete the Stanford Crypto Course 1 like a boss THINGS TO BRING: Your development environment of choice, and something to take notes in SKILL LEVEL: Algebra is nice, Calculus is great, but not mandatory. Functional programming is highly suggested. PRESENTER: VirusFriendly

Open House

Unallocated Space

Open House Night - Come check out what UAS is all about. Keyholders and members will be available to answer questions, help with projects, and give tours. If you've never been to UAS before, this is a great time to check us out. We host a weekly open house to help introduce new people to the space and some of the various interests and participants. Often, this event is combined with TOOOL / Lockpicking night. Come on by, and check out the space and some of the fun projects we are working on.

Unallocated Space Open House

Unallocated Space

We hold a weekly open house on Wednesday Evenings. Please come by and check us out.

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3D Digital Art and Animation Workshop

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