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Electronics Fundamentals Orientation Day

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Course Description: ​This progressive, hands-on course will cover the fundamentals
of electronics, including direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), and
semiconductors. As we progress though the course we'll build and analyze a variable DC power supply, then build an audio amplifier.

Instructor: Corey Koval ([masked])

Required Materials:
Scientific Calculator
Variable DC power supply: (DO NOT ASSEMBLE!)
Resistor assortment
Digital Multimeter:
jumper wires (with and without alligator clips)
Magnifying glass if you need one to see up close

Course Outline
Topic #1: DC: ​definitions, voltage, current, electrons, how electrons flow, Ohm’s
law, resistors, resistor color code, resistor dividers, series circuits, parallel
circuits, series-parallel circuits, power, diodes, switches and circuit protection,
capacitors, inductors
Topic #2: AC: ​frequency, waveforms, capacitors, capacitive reactance,
inductors, inductive reactance, impedance, RLC circuits, transformers, rectifiers,
voltage regulators
Topic #3: Semiconductors: ​transistors, amplifiers