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Please join in our thoughtful, fun and open discussions on Christianity and a sceptical response to Christianity. Be prepared to have your worldview challenged as you listen and then give your reasons for what you believe. We avoid ‘us and them’ antagonism as we discuss science, history, psychology, philosophy and even a little theology. The emphasis of the evening is discussion and introductory talks are kept to minimum length. Discussion is both within the whole group and round small tables. A pub setting aims to keep the evening away from debate and closer to genuine discussion where we learn from each other and ask questions. The group is inspired by the weekly radio show and podcast “Unbelievable?” hosted by Justin Brierley which usually has a Christian and unbeliever engaging in respectful discussion.

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A Short History of Christianity – Part 2

The Cock Tavern

And now for something completely different..... Again! Yes, a comedy night. This is Part 2, Part 1 was last last October. Our speaker Steve Tomkins has written a fun but serious book “A Short History of Christianity” (2006, available on Amazon, endorsed by Monty Python’s Terry Jones) and has more recently made it into a show described as “halfway between a church history lecture and stand up comedy”. It lasts an hour so we have split it into two. Tonight we will hear from the crusades to today and then discuss the issues raised. Steve will be able to give serious and informed contributions to the discussion. Questions might include: • Did the Protestant Reformation create religious freedom? • What role should the church have in the public sphere? • Has US evangelicalism sold its soul to the devil? • Can Francis save the Catholic Church? • Is Christianity mostly a force for good today and must it embrace modernity to achieve that? Steve has a Phd in theology and has authored several books on Christian history. He edits the official magazine published by the United Reformed Church. Steve was brought up in charismatic conservative evangelical Christianity and now identifies with ‘progressive Christianity’, the subject of an even earlier talk he has given at the group. He has also written for the Guardian. After the talk and Q&A we will split into smaller groups. Do stay on, we will continue discussing after the formal finish at 9:30pm. We will gather in the ‘upper room’, please buy a drink first at the bar to make sure we stay welcome at the pub. There will be a 'half time' break to refresh your glasses as we swap to the smaller group discussions. No entry fee or voluntary collection. Future Dates, 2019: 1 Jul – 2 Sept - 7 Oct - 4 Nov-

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