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Many of us aspire to be artistic in one form or the other, but we carry within us hindrances to either doing our work or moving it out into the world (commonly called “marketing”) -- or both. We think we are not good enough, our work is not good enough, will be judged, we lack enough talent or imagination or commitment or time, we can’t trust the future, we need more ambition and drive, and on and on. We cannot get beyond our fears and start doing our artistic work full-out and then putting our work out there for others to experience. We become closeted artists, and if we do manage to express ourselves artistically, we shy away from sharing it with others, with the world — full-out. We fear criticism mostly. Failure. Rejection. We want to be approved of, to be appreciated and recognized. Being appreciated is not bad, but when it becomes more important than our self-expression, it doesn't bring any fulfillment at all. Mainly, we are just too self-critical. There is nothing holding us back but us. When we see this negative pattern with gentle guidance, we can laugh at the illogic of it all and move into doing our creative work with passion and inspiration. The seriousness is gone, so our "work" becomes our "play." We will use The Work of Byron Katie, a powerful but gentle tool for self-investigation, to get at our deep, underlying beliefs that stop us from fulfilling our dreams to write, dance, paint, sculpt, act, play music, make a movie, cook, create a business, do anything that we want to do. Join us and get to work on the beliefs and fears that stop you from being the fully creative person you secretly want to be. For more information about Byron Katie and her work, go to thework.com or read her book Loving What Is. There are plenty of youtube.com videos of Katie doing The Work with others and explaining how The Work works. Another good addition to this meetup is my meetup "Marketing for Artists and Other Creative People" at http://www.meetup.com/Marketing-for-Artists-and-Other-Creative-People/grow/

I hope to see you soon at our meet up! Ben, Your Organizer

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