Undefined.js - The meetup for JavaScript Enthusiasts

If you are a JavaScript's enthusiast, you can't miss this meetup! 😀

On October 23rd, we’ll be hosting the first edition of Undefined.js MeetUp at Nest Collective by having two fun presentations by Tiago Alves and Niels Leenheer.

Tiago will be sharing with us his presentation about "Robots for Frontend Developers" and “Fun With Bluetooth” follows next with Niels as a speaker.

So, join us and reserve your seat because they’re limited.
We'll be waiting for you. 😉


Do you want to know more about these two speakers and their talks?

Title: Robots for Frontend Developers

JavaScript on the Frontend? Sure! In the Backend? We’ve seen that too. But… how about Javascript controlling hardware?! This talk will show how to use our favourite language to program robots with Raspberry-Pi and Arduino. All that in a dangerous combination of live coding, a live-multiplayer demo and literally duct-tape assembled hardware.

Short Bio:
In his decade as a developer, Tiago did a bit of everything until finally landing in the soft arms of Vue.js, starting with Delphi, Java, PHP, C++, more PHP, Swift for iOS, Java for Android, and Laravel, which is PHP too. His work with NativeScript-Vue and its community granted him the title of Progress Developer Expert. Right now, he is Making IRC Great Again at irc.com.

Title: Fun with Bluetooth

Time for JavaScript to get physical. With WebBluetooth the browser can actually take control of all kinds of physical devices in the real world like lightbulbs, robots and even drones. And nowadays you can even run JavaScript straight on microcontrollers and even little Bluetooth beacons. This talk will teach you the basics that you need to get started and give a peek at some more advanced topics like building your own Bluetooth devices using just JavaScript.

Short Bio:
Niels is a self-professed browser geek. He has been hooked on browsers ever since somebody showed him the original Nexus browser on a NeXT Cube back in the dark ages of the internet. Niels is the creator of HTML5test and runs one of the largest Open Device Labs in the world. He loves procrastinating, collecting weird devices with even stranger browsers, drawing pixel art monsters, procrastinating, researching obscure browsers and tinkering with hardware. For his day job he is CTO of Salonhub and creates web applications for hair salons.