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Underexposed Design Residency: Presentations

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Underexposed Design Residency: Presentations


Join us at the closing event of Simply Secure's 2019 iteration of Underexposed. 10 Design Fellows will present their work and insights from a week-long Residency. You will have the opportunity to connect with them and other designers and researchers in the field. Drinks and light snacks will be provided!

Our Design Fellows are

Valentina Pavel, Privacy & GDPR Tools
Iohanna Nicenboim, Unpredictable Things
Alexander Morley,
Caroline Sinders, Ethical Mechanical Turk
Dan Hassan & Mu, Dark Crystal
Soraya Okuda, KeePassXC │ HTTPS Everywhere
Tiffany Ou, Least Authority - GridSync
Sarah Fox, Care & IoT
Stuart Schecter, Revisolution │ 2FA

Technology shouldn’t abuse people.

Responsible technology is about helping. It’s about meeting its users’ needs and making their lives better. It depends on design, co-design, research, and user engagement. It depends on an ethical orientation and values-driven decision making. And these things are only possible in the context of a community that provides insight, feedback, and accountability.
Simply Secure’s Underexposed Collective is a loosely-knit group of designers, researchers, writers, advocates, and users who reject the current trajectory of mainstream technology development. We believe that technology can better support us. We support people by providing funding, education, mentorship, design support, research, testing, and a community for collaboration.

About the Residency

Simply Secure is convening the first Underexposed Residency in January 2019. Fellows from around the world will spend one week with the Simply Secure team focused on a project that they propose. Together, the cohort will use the residency to workshop their specific design challenge. Over the week they will have time for user research, independent work, lectures, critical discussions, design critiques and office hours with leaders in the field. Fellows will also have an opportunity to share their work with the public.

More information:
Mozilla Berlin
Schlesische Straße 27 · 10997 Berlin
How to find us

Gebäude 3, Treppenhaus C, 4. OG

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