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There has never been a better time to be a writer than now. The group is called Underground Writers Unite because we meet in the basement of the coffee shop, Back to the Grind. We as a society are currently in the midst of the greatest revolution in language and publishing since the printing press was invented in China around the first millennium. Anyone can publish! This is good and bad because, well, anyone can publish. The web is crawling with literary graffiti; Grammatically incorrect, free flowing, nonsensical dribble. You have to stand out somehow. The profession of writing can be a lonely island. It doesn't have to be. It has been proven that like minded individuals can come together and support each other in friendly competition to better each other in their medium. We might still be earthbound if not for the space race between the Soviets and the Americans. In this digital era, it is like the wild west. We writers have to unite if we are to survive the claim jumpers and publishing natives that would see us bleed before see us to prosperity. Manifest destiny of the digital landscape. We pioneers will find fortune with hard work by tilling the soil and watering the earth to grow ideas and reaping the bountiful harvest of creative en devour together.

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