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Making Sense of Men - FREE- 2 hour workshop for women only - in Bethesda, MD

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Making Sense of Men is a FREE 2 hour workshop for women only (sorry men) that delivers valuable information you can use right away. We have a great opportunity to learn these distinctions from Sue Mersch, certified PAX Event Leader. Sue has a gift and passion as a teacher, sharing the wisdom and message of Alison Armstrong's work. She is committed to causing transformation between men & women. You can unlock the door to an entirely new way of relating to men. You will learn: the unsuspecting ways men are responding to you (so you can create the response you want), how to tell when a man is attracted to you in the most important ways.

When does he have feelings for you? What does he do? You will learn new ways to relate so you can have relationships that are more peaceful and end the confusion/frustration due to our misunderstandings. If you are intrigued, this is a MUST attend event!

You will learn:
- The 8 Most Attractive Qualities in Women
- The 6 Ways Men Respond to Attraction

- The Downward Spiral - What happens when things start to fall apart

LIMITED SEATING AND FOR WOMEN ONLY - Sign in at 2:00 pm. and program starts promptly at 2:30 p.m. Be sure to come and reap the extra benefits you will get by attending a Making Sense of Men!!

It's an introduction to an amazing Webinar, "Queens Code Workshop". We'll tell you more about it and you'll have a chance to register at the end of the event.