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The Business of Making Money in Photography - Portraits

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How the heck can you make money as a portrait photographer? With ever-growing competition, cheapskate clients and everyone doing everything for free - can you really make it as a portrait photographer?

Are you frustrated with your marketing? You just are not getting enough qualified clients? Or you have the clients but they are not spending much money with you.

You don't have to be a slick salesperson to make a good living as a portrait photographer. If you follow a few tried and true principles, you can make a good income! All you need are four good portrait clients a month to earn $100,000 a year.

How do you find those qualified clients? Join us and learn several different ways.

Stop learning from your Facebook friends and learn from an established portrait photographer. Peggy Farren has been a fulltime professional photographer for 15 years in Southwest Florida. Most of her peers went out of business or scaled to part-time in the last few years due to the ever-changing photography world! Check out Peggy's work here:

Peggy will show you her tried and true business practices, along with case studies of some other LOCAL photographers who are truly making a PROFIT here in Southwest Florida. All case studies are of photographers consistently bringing in well over $100K a year. Peggy has mentored several new photographers who hit the ground running by following the principles Peggy teaches.

1. Set up your business: licensing in Collier/Lee County, sales tax and other things you need to know. Quickbooks or other accounting. Boring but important! What gets tracked, gets attention. Learn to make a PROFIT, not just make money with high overhead.
2. How do QUALIFIED clients find you? Marketing - including websites, brochures, networking, social media, marketing specific to SW Florida. Learning everything else doesn't count if you have no clients! We will guide you into a specific plan for your marketing. Marketing has to be your top priority when you are starting out. Learn what works and put your plan in to action!
3. Pricing - are you making less than $1000 a session? You are doing something drastically wrong! Price correctly from the start of your business. Peggy has seen every pricing scheme there is - she'll show you her system, plus review other SUCCESSFUL photographers' pricing.
4. Managing client expectations, manage people, plant seeds for sales. Peggy will give you actual scripts.
5. The photography! Posing and lighting ideas. Give them what they say they want and also what you know they want.
6. Workflow - are you sitting at the computer for hours after each session? STOP IT NOW! Peggy will show you her very quick processing techniques.
7. Systemize, Automate and Outsource for happiness and a day off once in a while!
8. Do you think a projection session is too much hassle? The PPA says photographers who project make 50 to 100% more money than those who only show proofs via the internet. We'll show you how to hold a projection session for high sales. You don't have to have a fancy house or studio to project. You also don't have to be slick salesperson.
8. Managing the client after the sale for happiness, upselling, future business and referrals.

Yes - we are going to cram all this information into 3 hours! Be prepared to take a lot of notes!

And ... What you really don't want to hear but Peggy's going to tell you anyway......

Have you read "The E Myth" and "The Four Hour Workweek" and "The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People"? Peggy will give you snippits on how she has applied the principles taught in these books to her photography business.

Here are some of the remarks from others who have taken this program:

"Peggy - Just a random phone call to say Thanks.

“I used your the information I got from the portrait business class and decided to take a big GULP and forward the pricing you kind of recommended for prints, etc.

This particular client didn't even bat an eyelash. So I just want to say thanks. It was very helpful and very worthwhile.

So you can post this as a testimonial on your website.”

Darren Miles