Lighting Essentials including Flash Photography - virtual


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Open shade, subtractive lighting, additive lighting, working with whatever light you have. Speedlight and pop up flash basics on camera. The word Photography literally means Writing with Light. Learn to work with and understand lighting.


Prerequisite – you must be comfortable shooting in the manual setting on your camera. Please take our DSLR exposure basics class first. This is a great second class!

If you’ve ever taken instruction from Peggy Farren, you know how she simplifies everything! Learn basic lighting in this easy to understand class. We will bring in a model so that you can practice what you’ve learned to seal the info into your brain!

Look good because you may end up in pictures as we practice on each other! Please register as early as possible!


• DSLR camera with a fully charged battery

• Speedlight, if you have one. If not, your pop-up flash will do.

• Fully charged and extra batteries for your Speedlight

• As always, bring your camera and Speedlight manuals.

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