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This is our Instructor, Eric Counts, who will be in our office LIVE, IN PERSON:

(sooooo excited to have him back!)

Eric Counts is one of the Nation's Leading Credit Experts covering Personal and Business Credit Management and Credit Repair, and helping you understand how to manage one of the most valuable assets that you have, your Credit!

Eric will also show you how Credit Nerds will work on repairing your credit--for FREE!

Eric has expanded his content for his workshop and is now including the steps to get started Building Business Credit!

He will get us up‑to‑date with the latest credit trends and credit‑related legal decisions affecting individuals today. With comic relief and engaging dialogue, Eric Counts entertains as well as educates. Come learn what it means to make the best credit choices possible, and why sometimes the best “Credit Decision” may not be the best “Financial Decision.”

What Will Be Covered:

Do you really know what your credit score is?

Is there only one credit score?

What are the foundations of the credit scoring system?

How are credit scores created?

How to read your report?

What techniques can you use to increase your credit scores?

What can sink your credit scores?

What is the legal process to legally and ethically remove items off your report?

What are good habits to maintain good credit?

What are the top mistakes with credit?

How can you leverage your credit?

The current state of personal credit and the evolution of the credit industry.

You’ll understand the new Dodd-Frank Rollbacks, and how they will affect your credit profiles, and how that will affect your likelihoods of approvals in the mortgage industry.

The changes that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are undergoing that may allow them to open up to new and additional screening models, which will open up mortgage availability for tens of thousands of additional Americans.

How to really optimize your credit profiles so that you can maximize your profits with your real estate deals.

Learn about the credit reporting industry, and how the three biggest credit-reporting agencies became the gate keepers for personal finance.

Detailed strategies to manage your credit profile more effectively, as well as explain why your credit score “doesn’t really matter anyway.”

Take an extensive look at different scoring models and how certain actions could significantly impact your credit score far more than you might expect.

Learn how to get your credit score up over 760, and the benefits of getting your personal credit repaired and your scores above 760 so you get the best interest rates on all your credit: cars, houses, mortgages, credit cards, insurance rates.

And when you have great personal credit, it's super easy to build business credit. You can get credit inside of an entity that is separate from your own name, which reports to your EIN Number, not your social security number, so when you go into debt, for all the stuff your corporation needs to buy, you are not affecting your debt-to-income ratio and your FICO score.

You can maintain an 800 FICO score, and run your business inside of your EIN number. It's one of the best strategies that Bob Tierney has learned in his life, and it has resulted in $1.3 million in credit that he has access to. It's life-changing. This credit workshop is valuable, regardless if people are doing real estate investing, or not. Credit is something that we all deal with as human beings.

Dispel the myths about this exceptionally valuable strategy

Come learn how to gain access to tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of credit inside of a corporation, LLC, etc.

Learn how Successful Entrepreneurs & Real Estate Investors are gaining access to 0% Interest Credit Lines in their corporations for 12-18 months, and then maintaining access to those lines at 0% in perpetuity by understanding how. Imagine the real estate deals you can do with amazingly cheap money!

All this, and more...

It is NOT EASY to get access to this type of credit, and it is important that you educate yourself so you do not make mistakes in the process which can actually HARM your credit! Credit affects many areas of all of our lives and the more you can learn and understand it, the more you can start to leverage the tool that credit is to assist you in building wealth for you and your family.

Eric is an author, business trainer, and nationally featured speaker. His extensive knowledge of credit and credit repair have gained him audiences with the likes of Wells Fargo, Regions Bank, and Century 21 branches across the country. He is the President/C.E.O. of CreditNerds.com, and has served as an expert witness to lawmakers in the matters of credit and debt collection. Now he applies that same information to make sure our learners have the knowledge they need

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