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The Sound of Soul
This is a monthly event held on the 3rd Sunday of each month (formerly the "Community HU Song). In the Sound of Soul informal program, people can come together to chant, or sing, HU (pronounced hue), an ancient name for God. About 20 minutes of singing quietly is followed by a short period of contemplation (about 30 minutes all together). The HU is offered as a love song to God that gives strength to meet the challenges of everyday life. It awakens people to inner wisdom and divine guidance. HU is an ancient sacred name for the Divine that when sung softly and gently in a non-directive way can uplift one's state of consciousness. It can be sung by anyone--it doesn't belong to any religion. It is a love song and beautiful prayer to the Divine, which unconditionally loves all Souls equally and seeks only our happiness and spiritual freedom. To find out more about the HU and Eckankar, go to Hear HU. ( The Sound of Soul program is sponsored by the Virginia Satsang Society, Inc., a Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar, as a FREE public service. You are invited to come and learn about HU and to use it as a blessing in your personal life. For more information and to hear HU sung in by a group, please go to the HU page at .

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