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Within Sensitive people are a refined group; Intuitive-Sensitive People. These people are especially sensitive to the energy of others, have health niggles different to the average person, yet have an extraordinary skill 'to see around corners' and a unique ability to heal. This Meetup will help you understand your inner-world as an ISP, showing you how to access your sub-conscious for interpretation, healing and transformation.

Each event has three exciting areas for your own personal soul journey:

1. Understanding
Heidi presents on an area relevant to your journey as an Intuitive-Sensitive.

2. Transformation
Members of the audience are picked out for one of Heidi's memorable, on the spot, problem solving intuitive readings.

3. Healing
Heidi will take you through an internal process relevant to your life moving forward.

Each of these meetings take the shape of the above format. The presentation is a new one each month, relevant to your life as an Intuitive-Sensitive Person.

The Tree of Life has been patiently waiting for today, the day you are ready to hear the message it has for you. These Meetups will give you direct access to its teachings and presents them in a way your psyche will embrace.

Join Hay House Author and Speaker Heidi Sawyer as she guides you up the 7 Levels of your Consciousness Line at these monthly meetups.

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Courage – the Road to Self-Realisation

Hampton Hotel

Courage – the Road to Self-Realisation

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Access Your Super-Intuitive State

Hampton Hotel


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