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Learning to love systemd with David Both

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Learning to love systemd with David Both


Abstract: Although there is some controversy about systemd it offers significant power and flexibility to the SysAdmin. This talk will explore systemd in some depth using a VM to illustrate various systemd tools and functions.

We will cover a tiny bit of history and why systemd was a necessary new tool to manage Linux startup and running services. We will see the architecture and functional structure of this new init system,

We'll look at the targets that replace SystemV runlevels and using and setting the default target. We'll explore systemd unit files and how to create them. We will also explore some of the vast amount of information that systemd makes available to the system administrator.

David Both Bio:
David Both is an Open Source Software and GNU/Linux advocate, trainer, writer, and speaker. He has been working with Linux and Open Source Software for more than 25 years and has been working with computers and other Technologies for over 50 years. He is a strong proponent of and evangelist for the “Linux Philosophy for System Administrators.”

He has written articles for magazines including, Linux Magazine, Linux Journal, and OS/2 Magazine back when there was such a thing. His article “Complete Kickstart,” co-authored with a colleague at Cisco, was ranked 9th in the Linux Magazine Top Ten Best System Administration Articles list for 2008. He currently writes prolifically for He particularly enjoys learning new things while researching his books and articles, building his own computers, and helping his grandchildren build their computers.

David has published five books with Apress, “The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins,” August 2018, and a three volume self-study training course, “Using and Administering Linux — From Zero to SysAdmin,” released in December, 2019. He has also written one book with co-author Cyndi Bulka, “Linux for Small Business Owners.”

David can be reached at or on Mastodon at

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