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The Art of True Light: A Unique Calling to Raise Your Hand by Rev Koji Nakao
Half a century ago, in 1959, the founder of Sukyo Mahikari received an extremely important revelation for today’s world situation. "Raise your hand; the world will enter severe times." Thanks to this revelation, he began to give True Light and to teach to others, who could “hear” this spiritual calling, and respond positively, by embracing the heart of all great spiritual masters—the heart of “saving people from suffering,” and of saving all Heaven and Earth for future generations. In the 1960’s, the future looked very bright. We were ex- ploringouterspace,andonlyafewunderstoodtheurgencyofthismessageforourfuture. Humankind was charging down the path toward the peak of a material-centered age. More than a half century has passed, and today many people throughout the world are now rapidly awakening to a new spiritual, mental, and physical reality—a spirit-centered world must come if we are to endure as a race. It is our generation that has the responsibility to respond and to “save the world for ourselves and for future generations!” With this awakening and our founder’s vision, there are now more than one million people in more than 100 countries who have responded with a true heart for this “unique calling!” They are raising their hands to give True Light—anywhere and anytime, to anyplace and anyone. The Art of True Light is, perhaps, the greatest spiritual work to be granted to people from all faiths, who are now uniting for a purpose greater than a single religion. The Art of True Light gradually purifies the underlying cause of disease and decline; it purifies the spiritual impurities that are hidden deep inside the spiritual cells in both humans and in the general environment. It is much deeper than simply “spiritual healing.” Are you one of the pioneers in the Heartland, who hears the calling of Heaven and Earth urging all of us to raise our hands and shine True Light on the path that leads through the storm to a bright and shining future? Find out by joining us to learn more about this wondrous spiritual art. Koji Nakao has been a seeker and a servant for much of his life. Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, he was only 18 months old when we dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, devastating the lives of many and the entire economy of the area. He grew up with a searching heart, and a father who wrote beautiful poetry that pointed him toward God. More than forty years ago, he discovered Sukyo Mahikari, and soon became a staff member and spiritual teacher/disciple. After offering service in four countries and many centers, he is now the Center Director for the Kansas Center of Sukyo Mahikari. Note: For more information on Sukyo Mahikari, please see our website: .

Unity Church of Omaha

3424 N. 90th Street · Omaha, NE

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UniQuest, a division of The Henry Foundation is a non-profit organization. We are dedicated to furthering spiritual development on a nondenominational level. UniQuest was created to provide on-going programs which foster the development and understanding of human potential. The Foundation provides metaphysical resources and teaches basic meditation techniques to all who wish to learn.

The group meets the first and third Monday of every month at Unity Church on 90th Street in Omaha. Each bimonthly meeting has a speaker who presents a topic to the group. The presentation usually lasts for about an hour and is then followed by an energy circle/group meditation. Topics are centered around metaphysics, healing and spirituality (e.g., reiki, breathwork, meditation, yoga, chakras, and many more areas).

The group also sponsors an annual weekend retreat at Platte River State Park. The next retreat will be held in the fall of 2017. Updates to follow

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