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UniQuest, a division of The Henry Foundation is a non-profit organization. We are dedicated to furthering spiritual development on a nondenominational level. UniQuest was created to provide on-going programs which foster the development and understanding of human potential. The Foundation provides metaphysical resources and teaches basic meditation techniques to all who wish to learn.

The group meets the first and third Monday of every month at Unity Church on 90th Street in Omaha. Each bimonthly meeting has a speaker who presents a topic to the group. The presentation usually lasts for about an hour and is then followed by an energy circle/group meditation. Topics are centered around metaphysics, healing and spirituality (e.g., reiki, breathwork, meditation, yoga, chakras, and many more areas).

The group also sponsors an annual weekend retreat at Platte River State Park. The next retreat will be held in the fall of 2017. Updates to follow

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Ever Wonder What Your Pets Want You To Know? By Theresa Falk

Unity Church of Omaha

Theresa can help you understand what your pets want you to know and answer questions you have for them! Feel Free to bring an Item belonging to a Pet, Crossed Over or Still With Us! Theresa Falk is a Pet Psychic, Psychic Medium and Life Coach. Theresa comes from a family of Psychics. She enjoys sharing her God given gifts of seeing, hearing and feeling images, messages and emotions from loved ones and pets that are crossed over as well as those still with us. Using Psychometry, she can feel the energy/emotion off an object. UniQuest “A Division of the Henry Foundation” Rents space on the main level of Unity Church, 3424 N. 90th St., Omaha, NE Enter Front door. 7- 8:30 pm $6 Love offering is suggested, but not required We have meetings on the 1st & 3rd Monday nights of each Month

The Middle Path

Unity Church of Omaha

March 18, 2019 The Middle Path by Don McKenna A philosophical discussion of meditation, belief, practice and how they influence our connection with our higher selves and how we live our lives. Whether it’s called Spirit, Higher Self, Soul, Light Body we are more than what we see in the mirror. How do we get in touch with the divine aspect of ourselves? Can anything be borrowed from past tradition to enrich our present day search for the answer? Don McKenna is Meditation and Mindfulness facilitator at the Omaha Healing Arts Center [OM Center], the Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and around the Omaha Metro. He is certified in Meditation, Mindfulness and Holistic and Integrative Health. Don is a Reiki Master/Teacher, certified in Therapeutic Touch, Fifth Level certified in Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong, and has studied various shamanic practices. His original meditation training was through full emersion in the esoteric practices of Sri Vidya, traveling to India many times, and was President of the Sri Vidya Temple Society in Rush NY at its founding. An accomplished meditator, he enjoys meditations in Zen, Mantra recitation, Kundalini and other somatic practices. He is particularly interested in the Divine Connection a person can have with his/her creator and instructs and supports the development of a person’s own Divine Connection. Mr. McKenna has lectured at the Complimentary and Alternative Medicine workshops at the University of Nebraska Medical Center annually since 2014, and has addressed the City of Lincoln Nebraska Aging Partners initiative regarding the issues of Aging; including loss, brain health, care taking, anxiety, and well-being. He commonly works with anxiety, depression, cognitive degeneration and stroke rehabilitation. He is an expert on meditation practices and has lectured in India regarding the effects of mantra recitation and not traditionally Hindu techniques. In his own healing practice, Don incorporates Reiki, Qigong, mantra and chakra work. UniQuest “A Division of the Henry Foundation” Rents space on the main level of Unity Church, 3424 N. 90th St., Omaha, NE Enter front door. 7-8:30 pm $6 love offering is suggested, but not required We meet the 1st & 3rd Monday nights of each Month

The Sacred Gifts of Purification and Divine Healing

Unity Church of Omaha

Are you seeking lasting happiness? Are there 'sacred gifts' that can provide anyone with lasting happiness. What three conditions are essential for achieving true and lasting happiness.-- a happiness that permeates one's life so deeply that it even passes forward to future generations and one's own descendants.? The focus for this presentation, the Sacred Gifts of Spiritual Purification and Divine Healing are fundamental for anyone seeking True Health and lasting Happiness. True Health is the first of 3 conditions which Sukyo Mahikari teachings mention as being the foundation for a sustainable and lasting happiness in one's life. If asked"What would make you truly happy in your life?" Some people may reply "I just need more money! If I had enough money, I could be happy forever." Is this true? Even if you had five million dollars, if you were diagnosed with an incurable disease, would money be able to sustain your happiness? Others respond to the question by saying 'i could truly be happy if I had someone who really loved me and would stay with me forever!" Positive relationships are indeed extremely important for most people to attain happiness. And this topic would be a great topic for a future presentation, as it too is one of the three conditions for happiness. However, no matter how wonderful relationships in life are, if you don't have True Health, it would be very difficult for you to remain happy throughout your whole life. So, as you seek to achieve the common wish, for all humankind- the wish to ave a life filled with happiness- the first condition to achieve is True Health. On June 17, 2019, Koji Nakao, Director of the Kansas City Center of Sukyo Mahikari, will be the guest presenter. He has been a seeker and a servant for much of his life. Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, he was only eighteen months old when the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Under these circumstances, he grew up with a searching heart, and a father who wrote beautiful poetry that pointed him toward God. More than forty years ago, while in the United States, he discovered Sukyo Mahikari and soon became a staff member and a spiritual teacher/ disciple. After offering service in four countries and many centers throughout the world, he is now sharing his spiritual knowledge of Universal Principles and the Art of True Light with seekers in the Heartland. NOTE: For more information on Sukyo Mahikari pleasew see our website: www.sukyomahikari.org

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