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Unigroup is the oldest and largest Unix User's Group (Unix/Linux/BSD) serving the Greater New York City Regional Area since the early 1980s. Unigroup has been serving the NYC Unix/BSD/Linux/AIX/Solaris/... Community for over 30 years! Unigroup was the first Technical Group in NYC to regularly cover topics related to Linux and Linux Distributions.

Unigroup is a 501c3 not-for-profit, vendor and platform neutral, member funded, volunteer organization. Unigroup holds regular and special event meetings throughout the year on technical topics relating to the Unix/Linux/BSD Operating Systems and the Unix/Linux/BSD User Community. Most Unigroup meetings are open to the public!

Unigroup presentations cover topics relating to both Unix and Unix-like Operating Systems (Unix/Linux/BSD/AIX/Solaris), as well as other related technologies including: Computers, Communications, Cryptography, Databases, Storage Architecture, Internet, Networking, Security, Programming Languages, Software Development, Web Development, Systems Administration, DevOps, Data Center, Hardware Acceleration (FPGA/GPU/DSP/ASIC), High Performance Computing/Clusters, Low Latency Computing/Networking, Small Form Factor Computers, Embedded Computing, IoT, IT Technology, Free Software, Open Source and Software Tools.

Unigroup meeting topics span ALL varieties of UNIX, BSD, LINUX, and related Operating Systems, covering both Commercial / Closed Source, and Freely Available / Open Source: projects, products, methods and tools. Our Unix/BSD/Linux technical presentations have covered subject matter relating to the following operating systems and projects: AIX; HP-UX, True64, Ultrix; IRIX; OS/X, A/UX; SCO, OpenServer, UnixWare, OpenUnix, Xenix; Solaris, OpenSolaris, SunOS, UnbreakableLinux; FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, BSD/OS; RedHat, CentOS, Fedora; SuSE, OpenSUSE; Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix, Raspbian; Caldera, OpenLinux; Plan9; as well as a variety of other distributions.

Spanning its 30+ year history, Unigroup has presented technical meetings covering IT Technology which is of interest to a broad audience of IT Professionals, including: Software and Web Developers, System Administrators, System Engineers, System Architects, Security Administrators, Network Administrators, Database Administrators, Intrastructure Engineers, End-Users and Computer Enthusiasts. Unigroup has historically had a large percentage of Wall-Street/Financial and Banking/Brokerage professionals attending our meetings. Unigroup is known for being one of the most Technical User Groups around NYC, and with 2.5 hours of presentation time available, we are able to explore the meeting subject matter in depth.

Our web site is http://www.unigroup.org/ (http://www.unigroup.org)

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Networking+DataCenter Standards Update by Peter Helfrich of Leviton

Networking+DataCenter Standards Update [including: 2.5+5Gb Ethernet, Cabling+Labeling Standards] For our June 2019 meeting, Unigroup is welcoming back Leviton's Peter Helfrich, who last presented to Unigroup on 16-MAR-2017 on the topic of: Structured Cabling Trends. Peter is a skilled technical presenter who is Leviton's representative to the Network Engineering community (+Unigroup). Even if wiring/cabling and premesis planning is not your job, everyone needs to understand how the new wiring allows for high power-over-ethernet and things we cannot do at this time. Please check the unigroup web for details and membership fees: http://www.unigroup.org/unigroup-next.html

Zenko Open-Source Multi-Cloud Data Controller by Candida Valois of Scality

Zenko Open-Source Multi-Cloud Data Controller by Candida Valois of Scality more details to come

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