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If there’s a hidden movie critic in you, and you’re bursting with energy to rate or review movies, then this is the social group to be in. I’m starting this group to grow and introduce you to Fadviews or Film Actor Database Reviews, a much more meaningful way to rate movies, TV shows and even actors.

We’ll watch together at the local theater, discuss it after, then rate them at fadviews.com (https://www.fadviews.com). Think of it like Yelp with a twist but for movies. If this pans out, you can be the first group of reviewers like the Yelp Elite Squad, and a trusted voice in the movie community!

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Theater Thursday: Movie & Drinks at Downtown Berkeley Landmark Cinemas

Landmark's Shattuck Cinemas

At the heart of Downtown Berkeley on Shattuck, join us for an after work movie and drinks at Landmark Cinemas. Details will follow when the date nears for the movie of choice. Please be sure to read about this group to know what Fadviews is all about! I’ll start a vote that Monday for the movie selection. The plan is simple and is loosely as follows: 6:30pmish -Meet and greet at theater, 15 minutes before movie of choice starts. 6:45pmish -Watch movie of choice 8:45 to 9:45pmish -Movie ends, walk over to Jupiter bar for beer/wine/food (or another place, there’s plenty) We’ll talk, discuss, and answer any questions you have about us. Note that you are responsible for closing your own tab. Again of course, if we ever gets as big as Yelp then the drinks are on me! Movie & Time: TBD Running Time: TBD Bar: TBD RSVP by noon, Oct 24th. Come to one or both, just let us know. Please follow us on Twitter: @Fadviews The goal here is to watch movies, have fun, and spread the word about the new way to rate movies, shows & actors! Hope to see you there!

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Saturday Movie Night & Drinks at AMC Newark

AMC NewPark 12

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