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Transform Emotional Eating Using Energy Psychology and Quantum Principles Part 1

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This is a three part mini workshop series. This is Part 1 in the series. It will be repeated on August 23rd.

During this series you will be introduced to a number of scientifically validated techniques and principles to assist you in transforming your unhealthy relationship with food and other unwanted habits.

Quantum science, over time, has revealed fascinating information about our true nature and capacities. In this series you will be introduced to a number of these key principles and be provided with techniques that you can apply in your daily life in order to shift unhealthy beliefs and emotions around emotional eating.

Each mini workshop is designed to build upon the previous one. In this first workshop you will learn:

* What ACES are and how emotional eating and other undesirable habits arise as coping strategies due to ACES.

* How attachment styles form due to ACES and how they impact the quality of one's relationship with food.

* Three specific mind-body techniques that will assist you in regulating uncomfortable sensations or emotions in the body to gain control over emotional eating.

* What the word "intention" really means and how to effectively apply it in your daily life to shift your point of attraction and gain what you want in life.

* A powerful, scientifically validated exercise that will begin the process of shifting your emotional eating and other undesirable habits.