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What we’re about

The Table SF is an activist focused exploration of God not religion. We recognize that each of us has a unique story and desire to be known and loved. Our community is a safe place to process your thoughts, questions, and feelings about God. Everyone is welcome and respected. We are a startup church. We love people, conversation, creativity and the beauty that flows from these. We acknowledge that San Francisco is made up of many different types of people, and that God knows and loves every one of them. We are an inclusive community embracing the unique identity of The City. As we interact with Jesus, we’re learning that His life is relevant to ours, in a way that brings hope, restoration, and celebration. Our story began in an art gallery, when a group as diverse as The City itself began gathering together. Everyone was hungry to find community in a fast-paced, often transient, urban setting. Recognizing that people could be who they are, this community began to meet more frequently for parties, fun, meals, worship / prayer, discussions, and service projects. The name, ‘The Table’ affirms this longing to be known, loved, and accepted with the assurance that everyone has a place. Consider BEING who you are and joining us in this creative and collaborative process.

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