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The United Fellowship Chapel congregation is one of Teaching, Prophecy and Healing. We are non-denominational and open to people of all faiths.

We believe in the Mother/Fatherhood of God and the unity of all people. God is infinite intelligence, ever-present, within everyone and the source of all life. Mother/Father God affirms that our true essence is both feminine and masculine.

United Fellowship Chapel recognizes that all phenomena, both physical and spiritual, occur within the realms of nature and are manifestations of infinite intelligence.

We believe in the infinite power of healing through our Thoughts, Words, and Actions that is available to all forms of life. Our classes focus on Metaphysical Principles and Healing Techniques that when used properly, work within spiritual and human-made laws.

We teach the Law of Cause and Effect: Everyone is morally responsible for their Thoughts, Words and Actions. We invite you to strive for Self-Mastery and to achieve your highest spiritual goals. The principle of change is constant on the Earth Plane. United Fellowship Chapel seeks to help you become aware of your personal patterns for change so that you can live harmoniously.

Web Page Link (https://www.unitedfellowshipchapel.org)

The Universe is a spiritual system, expressing Divine Wisdom and making possible the eternal progress of the aspiring Soul. Because wise thought leads to wise action, genuine improvement and reformation of the Soul are always possible.

We believe in the continuity of Life and the ability to communicate with those who have left the Earth Plane. The purpose of this communication is for the betterment of ourselves and the progression of humanity.

We teach Spiritual Psychic Development for the purpose of learning to “know yourself” and to positively help those you meet on your path in life.

We at United Fellowship Chapel invite you to recognize the Divine Energy that gives you life, to learn and apply the principles of life, and to develop your special qualities to their highest potential for the betterment of all people.

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Readings are 1/2 hour sessions at $40.
Readings are Mon-Fri 2:30pm-6:30 pm
Call[masked] to schedule
Julie will be doing zoom sessions or phone sessions.
Thank you!

Past Life Regression Development*** Prerequisite is PLR Course

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To join this development class of Past Life Regressions, please sign up for our next Past Life Regression Course in April $175.

Go to unitedfellowshipchapel.org
go to events, sign up and pay there.

Weekly we will rotate each person giving a group regression or a personal one to a person in the group. Keep an open mind for suggestions on what to say while being the Regressor. This communication takes place after the regression. This really helps one to hone in on what the regressee wants to visit and clear up or what their intention was what they want to heal etc.

We accept all love offerings, thank you for supporting the 1st spiritualist Chapel in Tucson Arizona since 1960.

Online Self Realization 5pm PST Password:408785

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Discussion of a specific Metaphysical Principle each week for all attending with meditation and healing conversation with fellowship. Love Donations Gratefully Accepted. Drop in or attend each week. Self Realization is a yearly class on Spirituality Teachings.

This Class David J Miller will speak on Past Lives, the last class of this micro training . The password is[masked]

Online Awakening (virtual) Password:408785

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Password is:[masked]
Come each week and be Awakened!! Listen to how others have physical phenomena in their lives daily. Hear of others stories to realize your own, that you too have had this phenomena your whole life. We are all here to advance our selves thru growth with the invisible. Come join us on Wednesday afternoons at 12pm $7.00 per class. To pay for class go to: unitedfellowshipchapel.org/classes to pay and go to class.

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