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Human Rights is both a local and international concern, but I believe what happens in the SF Bay Area, Mountain View will eventually have far reaching effects!

United for Human Rights is based on the United Nation's 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights as guiding principles for us to keep alive. Currently cities such as Mountain View, San Francisco, San Francisco, Seattle and Eugene, Oregon has adopted the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a framework for guiding future local policies.

We aspire to be a leader among cities in advancing human rights and human dignity [by] explicitly embracing the principles of equality, inclusion, respect, involvement, and the recognition of human dignity.”

This declaration includes 30 specific Human Rights and can be found here: humanrights.com or

Our purpose is to make Human Rights well known to everyone thus creating a calmer, more peaceful environment for you, your friends, family and community. By making Human Rights a reality for us, we can influence the world.


Doc Wong
Motorcycle Instructor
Peace Activist
Community Safety Activist

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Panel Discussion of 4 Religions

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Human Rights and the Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs Event

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Human Rights Rally

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