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Seminar on Muhammad PBUH
This seminar is focused towards being motivational to all Muslims. Peacemakers of this group are invited to partake in this event for whatever amount of time they wish to visit it for. Upon reaching, you may ask for Imâm (Rabbi) Ilyas Sidyot and introduce yourselves should you wish. The organizer may not be present at the said event.

Islamic Association of Saskatchewan Saskatoon

222 Copland Crescent · Saskatoon

    What we're about

    Shalom aleichem/assalaamu alaykum

    The purpose of this group is to bring the Jews and Muslims together on a common platform to promote peace and harmony as in history there once was.

    Anybody is free to join. The main purpose is to have frequent hangouts; ideally at a synagogue and/or mosque at social events or religious holidays.

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