Led by Rev. Mari Gabrielson we learn,

Practicing the teachings of Jesus, honoring all spiritual paths, Unity Milwaukee is a heart-centered, spiritual community transforming lives and the world by engaging and encouraging all through love and acceptance.

Say Yes to the adventure!

Unity Milwaukee is a dynamic community of positive people celebrating together to be a powerful, peaceful influence for good in our world. We are energetic, joyful and prosperous. Together we reach inward to discover our gifts. We :

Pray affirmatively with and for each other, creating a sacred space for all;

Honor, support, nurture and accept our children as the bright, shining stars they are;

Value the wisdom of our elders;

Respect our environment and the unity of all life;

Shine as a beacon of light, love and healing on our world.

Services start at 10:00 A.M.
Childcare and Youth Ed available during the service.

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