Unity North Atlanta Church

4255 Sandy Plains Road · Marietta, GA

How to find us

Come in through the front doors of the main building.

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Make your New Year’s resolutions in a most spiritual way! Join Rev. Richard Burdick, the Prayer Chaplains, and the Sound Healing Ministry in an emotional and empowering service.

Through this sacred Unity tradition we will release what no longer serves us and set intentions for our best year yet. We will elevate our consciousness by giving clear and focused direction to 2014. Children are welcome.

At this service, there is a symbolic releasing of what we wish to let go of before we move into the new year by writing it on a piece of paper and then dropping it into a large bowl or container which contains fire. Participants let go of such things as feelings of anger, unforgiveness, unhealthy habits, relationships, etc.

You may also write a letter of gratitude describing your life at this time next year---these will be kept and mailed to you next December.