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Are you looking for a positive path for spiritual living? Check us out. Our events are broad and dynamic. They change with regularity, just like life! We hope you will join us to experience health, happiness, wholeness, peace, prosperity and truth. You choose! Connect with like minded beings growing and moving in their lives too:)

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A Course In Miracles

Unity Windward

This is an “open sharing” group format with “cover to cover” reading of the Foundation for Inner Peace (blue book) edition of A Course in Miracles. Facilitated by Course student, Alan Lemieux

The Book of Love and Creation/ Second Book in the First Trilogy by Paul Selig

The Book of Love and Creation is filled with meditations, exercises, psychological insights, and affirmations. In this bold, bracing, practical, and fresh revelation, the Guides instruct how to develop powers of intuition, clairvoyance, and inner knowing. As a spiritual being within, you’ll grow into an increasingly capable, resilient, and confident individual amid the demands of outer life. The Book of Love and Creation is an extraordinary experience in a new body of channeled wisdom, that is attracting readers from all across the world. With this second book in the first trilogy of channeled works, you’ll be invited to develop intuitive abilities and continue the program of self-development begun in the first book in the series, I Am the Word.

The Way of Mastery

Unity Windward

The Way of Transformation is the second in the 3-volume work of the Way of Mastery. Join us EVERY Thursday at 3:00pm for a channeled work founded on the premise that you are perfectly free at all times. Jeshua’s teachings is an invitation to wake up from every illusion that we have ever been separate from God, and to remember the deepest Truth of who we are: Christ

Sound Healing at Equinox

Unity Windward

Bryan Jordan is a massage therapist, essential oil educator, and Pilates instructor. He uses the vibrations of these instruments to generate a deep meditative state of natural physical and emotional healing. Come to experience beauty, transformation, and deep relaxation With over a decade of experience in the wellness field of healing arts and music, Bryan Jordan constructs magical, musical meditations using over 15 crystal and Tibetan bowls, and a didgeridoo. With deep passion, he creates an experience through both music and art of greater peace and deeper healing.

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Sound Bath with Lucie Lynch (Embracing Change)

Unity Windward

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