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A welcome message from Rev. Rita Marie Johnson, USCSJ Senior Minister.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose (USCSJ), where we strive to embody a life of connection with self, the Divine Self, with others and with all creation.

USCSJ is a place where the entire lifetime of our congregants – from birth to the time of transition – can be celebrated in the context of a thriving relationship with Spirit. Spiritual seekers have come to our Center as a place of refuge from judgmental religion because we respect and value all our diverse participants. Regardless of age, lifestyle or culture, you are always welcome here.

At USCSJ, we employ the “Connection Practice”, a scientifically based social-emotional skill for a more connected world. In fact, we used the Connection Practice to lovingly create the following vision, mission and inclusion statements:

One in Spirit, our loving, creative community empowers positive living.

To love deeply, grow daily, teach wisely and serve joyfully.

We honor the Divinity in all and respect each person’s path to spiritual growth.

If you resonate with these statements, then I invite you to attend our Sunday Service (10:00 to 11:15 am at 175 Bernal Road, Suite 104 in San Jose) to get to know me and to meet our friendly, inspiring Unity Community.

At USCSJ, we realize that living in oneness requires the art of connection. As such, we routinely offer courses in the Connection Practice that help people reach new heights of spirituality, creativity and harmony by combining their empathy and insight. Benefits of this easy-to-embrace, yet powerful practice, include:
- preventing and resolving conflicts in a way that creates greater connection.
- generating a heightened sense of belonging, thereby increasing engagement in life.
- interacting more efficiently and effectively with others in all arenas of life.
- learning to tap your best intelligence (or Divine Mind) for creative problem solving.
- developing greater self-confidence and resilience.
- reducing resistance to change and accelerating innovation.

If you are looking for a spiritual community – a place where you can attend innovative services, take advantage of spiritual education opportunities, and enjoy community-building social events, then make yourself at home with us.

Yours in Loving, Joyful Service,

Rev. Rita Marie Johnson

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