"The Jewel of Abundance" A Different Kind of Prosperity Class w/Rev. Swift Jones


Presented by Reverend Carolyn Swift Jones. We are about to engage on a powerful journey in which we deepen our awareness of the meaning of True Prosperity! Come and join us for a six-week class during which we will rediscover prosperity though the ancient wisdom of Yoga. We will be using Ellen Grace O’Brien’s book, The Jewel of Abundance (easily found on AmazonSmile) as our guide and reference point. For a half an hour each class, Registered Yoga Teacher Becky Thompson will guide us through a series of Yoga stretches which will complement our reading and discussion time. Becky will be bringing the appropriate number of Yoga mats and suggests that if you have a yoga mat to please bring it to class. And: if the idea of getting down on the floor makes you uncomfortable, not to worry - you can do Yoga from your chair! So, come join us Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 pm from January 15th to February 19th. This is going to be fun!