What we're about

At Unity in the Heart of Austin we inspire people to awaken to their Divine nature through Spiritual teachings, heart-to-heart connections, prayer and sacred service.

We are Spirit-led, inspiring, loving, joyous and transforming. We teach God is not just a being "up there" but within each of us. Each of us is an individual and unique manifestation of the Christ within, the eternal essence of God that is our true spiritual nature.

Centered in Spirit, we honor all by celebrating a world transformed by Divine Love. We welcome people of every spiritual background, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and ability whether married, partnered, or single. We’re pretty sure that whatever any church once told you that made you feel separate or unloved doesn't matter to us.

We Invite You To Join Us
Looking for a church to call home? Give us a try. We know that your past church experience may have been negative or just plain boring. At Unity in the Heart of Austin we provide a positive, informative and uplifting experience, ideas you can use to improve your life, and opportunities to serve in a community that works to make a positive difference in our city and our world.

Join us next Sunday at 11:00 AM. The service runs about an hour. Youth Education (our name for Sunday School) is at the same time. And, we hope you'll stay afterwards for refreshments and make some new friends.

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