No December DUUG - INSTEAD: Xmas special in 3D!

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No December DUUG! BOO. =( Our next DUUG will be in January, on the 27th (the last Wednesday of the month, as per usual). Keep an eye out for that closer to the day!

BUT! Christmas shall not pass entirely unscathed - for there is to be a joint GDG Dublin / 3D Camp Dublin / DUUG event happening in Google on the 19th of this month - The Xmas Special in 3D!

Register here:

Join us as we FUSE the mighty powers of UNITY and GOOGLE CARDBOARD into an unholy amalgam, taking you beyond REALITY - and into the VIRTUAL!

Bring your smart phones and laptops - this workshop covers the basics of using Unity with Google Cardboard, rudimentary VR interactions and an introduction into the TERRIFYING WORLD OF MANUSCRIPT CONSERVATION!

...No, it's terrifying, I assure you. You'll see. You'll all see.

But not without your phones and laptops, so, again, don't forget to bring them.

In regular DUUG news... We're launching a new DUUG Tutorial Club project!

You can find the project and files here:

In addition, we're still encouraging you to try the tank tutorial from last month. I know it's a fairly big tutorial, but there's a lot of meat on them bones!

We'll also have Ronan Tumelty's excellent Editor Customisation tutorial up on YouTube, just as soon as I get things formatted...! We'll let you know when that's ready by mail.

Once more - if you'd like to join us for the Xmas Special in 3D, be sure and register at the Eventbrite link above! If yer not on the list, etc, etc...

RSVP, ASAP! We'll see you there! And if we DON'T see you there, we'll see you in January!

-- Rev & Ale

We're always looking for new topics, speakers, questions or feedback on the event - please feel free to contact us through any of the means below: