What we're about

UNITY Spiritual Life Center of Central Georgia.

Provides spiritual teachings, discussions and tools to help individuals explore their own spiritual path and realize their unique spiritual potential.

Visit our website at http://www.unityofcentralga.com/

How Is UNITY Different?

Unity is the place where people who are more comfortably describing themselves as spiritual but not religious, come to fellowship and explore an open, positive and practical approach to being spiritually minded and of earthly good. We are an open and accepting commUnity. Unity provides a way to understand all Inspired Writings and spiritual teachings from a metaphysical perspective, and to practically apply those teachings to living a spiritually empowered healthy, meaningful, and prosperous life.

Unity honors the teachings of all faiths, respects and encourages the individuals right to choose a spiritual path unique to their spiritual principles, values and ideals. We teach from the perspective of universal spiritual principles and ideals, emphasizing the practice of attuning, affirming, aligning and applying spiritual values to your life; thereby enabling a life of spiritual purpose, passion, power and prosperity, in every dimension of being and aspect of your life experience.

Our Center provides a safe and sacred space for study, participation, fellowship, support, transformation, and self realization. Thank you for visiting our Center. If you’re looking for a new spiritual home, it is our sincere prayer that you find it here at Unity of Central Georgia.


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Book club

Unity Of Central Georgia

Please join us for book club in person or via zoom. (the link can found on our website).
We're currently reading and discussing the book God Winks.

Spiritual connection hour

Unity of central Georgia

Join us for our spiritual connection hour. This is a dynamic interactive time where we learn from each other.

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Mindful Movement Yoga

Online event

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