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UNITY Spiritual Life Center of Central Georgia.

Provides spiritual teachings, discussions and tools to help individuals explore their own spiritual path and realize their unique spiritual potential.

Visit our website at www.unityofcentralga.org (http://www.unityofcentralgeorgia.org)

How Is UNITY Different?

Unity is the place where people who are more comfortably describing themselves as spiritual but not religious, come to fellowship and explore an open, positive and practical approach to being spiritually minded and of earthly good. We are an open and accepting commUnity. Unity provides a way to understand all Inspired Writings and spiritual teachings from a metaphysical perspective, and to practically apply those teachings to living a spiritually empowered healthy, meaningful, and prosperous life.

Unity honors the teachings of all faiths, respects and encourages the individuals right to choose a spiritual path unique to their spiritual principles, values and ideals. We teach from the perspective of universal spiritual principles and ideals, emphasizing the practice of attuning, affirming, aligning and applying spiritual values to your life; thereby enabling a life of spiritual purpose, passion, power and prosperity, in every dimension of being and aspect of your life experience.

Our Center provides a safe and sacred space for study, participation, fellowship, support, transformation, and self realization. Thank you for visiting our Center. If you’re looking for a new spiritual home, it is our sincere prayer that you find it here at Unity of Central Georgia.

Upcoming events (5)

Silent Meditation

UNITY of Central Georgia Spiritual Life Center / Byron, GA

Come and join us for a calming and quietening Sunday morning meditation. A good way to prepare for our Sunday Study Group and Fellowship Service. Leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind for a quieting, releasing and relaxing meditation. Take some time away from the demands of modern life to experience spiritual, emotional and physical renewal. Meditation is spiritual medication. An opportunity for a love offering is available and appreciated. www.unityofcentralgeorgia.org

Spiritual Connection Hour(ish)

UNITY of Central Georgia Spiritual Life Center / Byron, GA

Join us for a time of study, discussion and insight into spiritual teachings and practices. This is an interactive class led by Rev. Beth that covers a wide variety of topics all designed to enhance your spiritual growth and provide you with excellent tools for your daily living experience! A safe space for sharing is created and group participation in the discussion is encouraged. The opportunity for a love offering is available and appreciated. http://www.unityofcentralgeorgia.org

Children's Sunday School

UNITY of Central Georgia Spiritual Life Center / Byron, GA

Bring your young ones to our Sunday morning Children's Sunday School at 11am. Our lessons are designed to teach our kids lasting spiritual principle and ideals. We look forward to seeing you and the children at our center Sundays. From 11:00-12:00 every Sunday a nursery is available for all babies and school age children.

Celebration Service

UNITY of Central Georgia Spiritual Life Center / Byron, GA

If you would describe yourself as more spiritual than religious then Unity Spiritual Life Center is the fellowship center for you. Join us Sundays for a healthy dose of Spiritual Insight and Inspiration that enables a more meaningful spiritual life experience. Applied to your everyday life experiences our teachings will empower you to discover, develop and realize your spiritual potential. Our service includes singing, receiving an inspirational reading from the Daily Word, congregational prayer, a guided meditation, much more, and followed by a fellowship lunch to which all are invited! All are welcome to come visit and fellowship with us this Sunday! Blessings, www.unityofcentralgeorgia.org

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Candlelight Yoga!!!

UNITY of Central Georgia Spiritual Life Center / Byron, GA

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