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Meet other local people who are interested in applying Universal Truth Principles practically and positively in their lives, as taught and demonstrated by the Master Way-Shower, Jesus the Christ. We study compatible essential words of spiritual teachers such as Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. Explore topics such as Metaphysics, Law of Attraction, Spirituality, Mind Action, Synchronicity, Consiousness, Prayer and Meditation, and Healing with people of like mind at Unity Church of Jacksonville. Get to know us at: www.UnityJax.com.

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Prayer & Meditation Service

Unity Church of Jacksonville

Every Tuesday our Prayer and Meditation Service includes prayers for individuals and our world at large. Participants have the opportunity to speak aloud the names of those to be held in prayerful consciousness. Names of those for whom prayer is requested in our Prayer Chest are read aloud and lifted up in prayer. Guided and silent meditation are also incorporated into this Service.

Insight Meditation

Unity Church of Jacksonville

In the Sanctuary; enter from the front door.
Led by Jonathan Hunt of Just Sit Jax on a Love offering (donation) basis.

Join us for a 30 minute meditation, reading of relevant literature and discussion. Please bring two cushions to sit on.

About Jonathan Hunt...

Jonathan has been meditating for about five years. He discovered insight meditation through online courses offered by the Insight Meditation Center. He is using the teachings of Gil Fronsdal as the foundation for these meditation sessions.


The Way of Mastery Study Group

Unity Church of Jacksonville

Please join us for a Way of Mastery book study and discussion on self discovery and actualization facilitated by Eddie Lee.

Feel free to bring food of your choice for casual dining and fellowship before class. The study group teaching begins around 5:45 pm and runs for approximately an hour or so each week, ending about 7:00 pm. An suggested offering of $5 is appreciated.

The Way of Mastery has three sections: The Way of The Heart, The Way of Transformation, and The Way of Knowing. We will be starting with The Way of The Heart. Our bookstore, Awesome Books!, will have copies of The Way of The Heart if you would like to purchase one prior to the class.

From the introduction of The Way of The Heart:

Please do not hurry as you read through each lesson. Rather, allow each sentence to be held within the heart, each idea to fill the mind and the body with its very real frequency or vibration. For each word, the structure of each sentence, the cadence and the humor, is by design. These words are to be studied and savored over and over, until their meaning deepens and flowers into the grace of Christ living in you and as you, allowing the ray of that Light to penetrate your mind, correcting every perception you have ever held about yourself or the world. You will then find your gifts being formulated in new ways. You will find that you have an unseen Teacher revealing to you what you are ready to learn. And your life will begin to be guided by a Voice that is not your own until the voice you have called your own is no longer heard. What has been called the ego will simply dissolve, and the mind will know perfect peace.

A Course in Miracles

Unity Church of Jacksonville

Join us for a lively discussion and teaching about A Course in Miracles every Sunday Morning at the Unity Church of Jacksonville in the heart of Riverside and Five Points at 9:45 AM.

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A Course In Miracles

Unity Church of Jacksonville

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