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"Meta" means "beyond," thus metaphysical is literally “beyond the physical.” The science of that which is beyond or behind energy, matter, motion and force, is just as real and well studied as any form of conventional physics. Discovering the metaphysical involves uncovering WHY we are the way we are, and why events in our lives unfold the way they do, in order to dramatically improve our quality of life and that of those around us. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, or Buddhist. Metaphysics can teach us the universal language of consciousness that helps us understand and enhance any form of life path or religious/spiritual experience we may seek.

Our meetings and workshops are centered on various metaphysical topics, such as natural healing, universal laws, psychic development, astrology, numerology, archangels and ascended masters, dream interpretation, and more. Many of our instructors are professional metaphysicians! It is a great place to meet others of like mind and spirit. Join us on your spiritual journey and bring your knowledge and experience in all things divine to share with our group. If this is all new to you, that's why we're here! We're sure you'll find plenty to interest you and look forward to meeting you soon!

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Interfaith Spiritual Discussion Group

4845 S Crimson Cir

We are meeting in person again! Please do not attend if you have any concerns with meeting in person with others who prefer not to wear masks. This group exists to give everyone a chance to discuss their beliefs in a non-judgmental atmosphere, regardless of differences. Every third Friday. We will discuss our journeys towards greater understanding of what spiritual growth represents to us. We are open to discussing any religious or spiritual systems which may have had an influence on us, and all related topics. We are interested in learning new concepts but are also open to being inspired by the personal stories and experiences people have to share, as we want to keep the discussion balanced between equal parts mind and heart, both of which have their place in spiritual growth. We are coming together dedicated to being respectfully open to everyone and to remain non-judgmental of their beliefs, understanding that we are NOT coming together to change anyone's beliefs, but merely gathering to share and learn, with our own personal spiritual growth and understanding being the end goal. This will be at Mike & Elizabeth's house where we can fit around 20 people in a circle in my basement, and the street should have plenty of parking space. Look for my bright green car in the driveway.

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