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Healing Circle: Talk Therapy
Details Let's get together and just talk about what's on our mind. Sometimes it can help just to talk things out. No matter whether a problem is big or small, finding like-minded people to discuss the ups and downs of what is going on in our life can be a challenge. This is a gentle, non-judgmental, deliberately small group environment - a safe place to air what's on your mind and help each other through these very strange times. We open with a brief meditation and then poll the group for topics to discuss. I have been asked to try a weekday night for this meetup. Weeknights are difficult for me but I thought I would try a Friday. So here we are. Maybe this will help us to get our weekend off on the right foot. This meetup is being posted on another site so please only sign up on one site. Image credit:

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    "Meta" means "beyond," thus metaphysical is literally “beyond the physical.” The science of that which is beyond energy, matter, motion and force. Being metaphysical is about finding your “truth" and getting in touch with spirit... your soul... what makes you, you. It’s finding true bliss by enjoying a spiritually-based career and life experience. It's about discovering why you are here and living the life you are currently living. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, or any other of the world's great religions. Metaphysics is a spiritual philosophy of life that helps you more fully comprehend your chosen religion and enhances your religious experience, whatever that might be!

    Our meetings and workshops are centered on various metaphysical topics, such as natural healing, universal laws, psychic development, astrology, numerology, archangels and ascended masters, dream interpretation, and more. Many of our instructors are professional metaphysicians! It is a great place to meet others of like mind and spirit. Join us on your spiritual journey and bring your knowledge and experience in all things divine to share with our group. If this is all new to you, that's why we're here! We're sure you'll find plenty to interest you and look forward to meeting you soon!

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