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Founded to provide an affirming environment for individuals who are committed to an inter-spiritual approach to spirituality, encompassing all faiths and all traditions, and who wish to express their spirituality in a universal tradition without dogma.


We are an independent community of the Order of Univeral Interfath (OUnI.org), and founded by Rev. Ed Geraty. We meet weekly for discussion and exploration of Consciousness, Awareness, or Enlightenment. We are an awakening community, meaning that we are aware that we are more than our personal Ego-self.

Some of our meetings focus on Non Dual spirituality. We have a monthly movie night with movies based on Consciousness exploration. We also hold Kirtans (Bhakti Yoga) and weekly Insight Meditation sittings. Join us.

We are located within The Insight Center, 2 Oakway Road, Timonium, MD 21093



Rev. Ed Geraty

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Sacred Connections

The Insight Center

We call our community the Red Oak Interspiritual Community (ROIC) and our time together: Sacred Connections. We hold two Sunday Services each month beginning at 9:30 am at the Insight Center and although they are related there are some thematic differences. Our first Service each month (the 2nd Sunday) is dedicated as a time of contemplation and centering for ourselves; examining any issues affecting our lives, communities or world; meditations to calm our minds and souls and offering and accepting the prayerful energy of our community and our communion with each other. Our second Service (the 4th Sunday) is dedicated as a Healing Service for both ourselves and others. While we engage in the same ideals of our first Service, we also include special prayers of healing and generate and offer healing energies to our community and our world. Our Healing Meditations are devoted to opening ourselves to the power of Divine Love and, occasionally, engage in blessings with sacred oils or Native American healing ceremonies. In both Services we explore religious and spiritual thoughts, traditions and teachings from divine and inspired teachers from around the world that teach: We are One People - Living One Life – on this One Planet that is a gift from the Divine. We pray and worship with persistence, reverence, and humility. We come together as a community to both serve each other, and by extension, the world, and to help all experience the Divine Peace and Love of our Creator through our prayers and actions. Our symbol shows how we view and practice our Interspirituality. Each corner represents a portion of our Services. The Orange represents the Rituals we use during our Services including a communion of Madeline cookies and juice that we as a community bless together. The Purple represents our Message and Discussion. The Green represents our songs, prayers, readings, and special blessings. The Yellow represents our various meditation styles, healing ceremonies and centering activities. The Person in the center of the symbol is YOU – the Divine Love that exists and lives in you - it is anchored in this world but extends out into the universe.

Shingyo Sangha Insight meditation group at The Insight Center in Timonium

This meditation sitting is open to all . Please join us. Baltimore Insight Meditation (http://www.baltimoreinsightmeditation.com)

The Shingyo Sangha (Applied Buddhism without the frills)

The Insight Center


This is a circle of friends coming together to learn from the Pre-sectarian Buddhist teachings and finding out what we can extract from them to benefit us on the path. Our approach we call Applied Buddhism. Buddhism without the dogma, rituals and metaphysical interpretations. Shingyo is based on the Heart Sutra (http://plumvillage.org/news/thich-nhat-hanh-new-heart-sutra-translation/) and the question, "How can we practice the teachings of the Buddha in our day to day lives?" We find there are many varieties of Buddhist teachings (sects) but we look for the similarities of those teachings (Basic or Original Buddhism). Presently we are reading and sharing insights from Sharon Salzberg’s text, "Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness". Each week we will read several short sections from the book and pause for discussion. We also read from modern Buddhist teachers such as Pema Chodron, Jack Kornfield, and others. Here, one may find discussions, resources for practice, general guidance and tools for observing the mind. People of all faiths and practices are warmly welcomed. The only request is that we come together in the name of peace, for the benefit of all beings.

Shingyo Sangha Insight meditation group at The Insight Center in Timonium

This meditation sitting is open to all . Please join us. Baltimore Insight Meditation (http://www.baltimoreinsightmeditation.com)

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