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Process painting is a vehicle to tap into your intuition and strengthen your ability to recognize and utilize it. This class is NOT about painting aesthetics or technique! It is about visual journaling and uncovering mysteries and worlds you never knew existed within. Due to circumstance and conditioning, most of us have lost our spontaneity in expression. From a very young age, we are taught to evaluate what is right and wrong--in ourselves and in our world. Over time judgment can put us out of touch with our intuitive nature or essential self, leading to dependency, insecurity, and low self-esteem. Our urge to invent and express is dormant or gone.

This class works on the student’s ability to recognize and access their creativity in its purest form. By staying in the present, process painting invites students to dive deep within, strengthening their intuition and releasing layers of emotional wounds and rigid, self-limiting concepts. We focus on process, not product, liberating the student to explore, take risks, and trust their decisions.
Uncovering the truth of the mysterious universe inside leaves us refreshed. We develop a sturdier, deep trust in ourselves. As our intuitive muscle strengthens, life becomes easier to navigate. Feelings move through us instead of becoming stuck and crystallized in our bodies.

Topics typically uncovered may be:

your body relationships
your emotions life and death
your identity inspiration
your curiosities love and loss
illness mystery

The deeper we go into the beautiful, infinite mystery of self-expression, the happier we become.

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