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Limiting beliefs are programs that keep us from actualizing our fullest potential. At this meet up, we discover our limiting beliefs, instantly neutralize emotions attached to memories, and bring to light patterns that prevent us from creating the reality we prefer. Beliefs can be changed instantaneously! We do this with ThetaHealing® and other healing modalities.

We dive into every area of life: Relationships, self-Love, career, life purposes, financial security, self-confidence, weight balance, past trauma, parenting, spiritual development, phobias, anxiety, depression, physical pain, challenging people…you name it, we uncover it!

We are all about looking deeply at our limiting beliefs and taking instant action to change them. Our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions work together to create our reality. Only when those three are in alignment and our intentions are clear can we consciously create the reality we prefer. As spoken about by Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Kryon, and other channeled messengers of our time, we are now empowered to know and practice conscious creation.

ThetaHealing® Practitioners and Non-practioners are welcome! Meet like-minded conscious co-creators that are ready to resonate with you!

Walk away from each meet up feeling fantastic about your life and your dreams!


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