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This Meetup is a relaxed, unofficial, and predominantly social group dedicated to providing networking, support, mentoring, and a blending of ideas between those active in Temple CIS and working professionals in the Delaware Valley. Come and discuss current trends and issues in industry, research and education.

Alumni, undergraduates, graduates, doctorates, postdoctorates, professors, adjuncts- if you are or have been through the gates of Wachman or SERC you're welcome to join.

The idea behind this is twofold: I've seen other university program's support networks (Wharton Business leaps to mind) and thought, "why didn't we have a secret handshake?" And a personal experience of mine where an undergraduate student really needed a support network of industry professionals to bounce ideas off of.

There's no reason for current students not to meet their future (bitter, angry, well-paid) selves, nor vice-versa. There's no reason why curricula shouldn't have feedback from actual working professionals in the industry in the area. And finally, there's no reason why not to have a beer and discuss technology.

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